Welcome Spring and Wild Wanderings

Rhododendrons Welcome Spring


Last week ended up being really busy!  We spent the previous weekend starting outdoor spring clean up projects (good thing given that this weekend brought snow) and putting the house back together after the reinstall of our flooring where it was having the issues that I described here.  ( Update coming soon.)  There were product photo shoots to be done for the Wildman, and a lot of back end website work to be accomplished.  Since I am not terribly adept at sitting still for long periods of time, this is not the most fun part of blogging for me.

One of the first rules of blogging, according to “experts”,  is that one should stay on topic at all times, find your niche and stick with it.  To be honest, I have decided that this rule is not to my liking.  You see, while I traditionally present myself to be one who thinks in a rather organized fashion, nothing could be further from the truth.  Many years of teaching made it necessary for me to discipline myself to be linear in my thinking patterns, but in reality, when not constrained to exhibit logical thinking, what is really going on in my head is an explosion of random ideas darting around in several different directions all at once!

I am not always successful at reining in my divergent thought patterns, which would explain why I could be teaching a well planned lesson on the  4 P’s of the Marketing Mix only to have a comment or question from one of my kids prompt me to tell a story about Frank the cat.  (In case you are not a marketing major, Frank the cat has absolutely nothing to do with the 4 P’s of the Marketing Mix!)  My students would usually get used to my random quirkiness pretty quickly and stop looking at me like I had lost my mind when these occasions would arise.  But, this is truly how my mind works.  I can stick to a plan and stay totally focused for a period of time, but then suddenly, without warning there is just no holding back that haphazard thought that needs expressing.

All of this rambling is to preface sharing with you about the sudden epiphany that I had in the last couple of days of sitting at the computer and feeling a bit stifled.   Here it is . . . if I want (or need) to let my mind wander a bit and break the rules, so be it!  After all, I am among friends and friends let friends wander when they need to.  Right?


Spring ferns with quote


 This blogging gig involves some work in areas that come completely naturally to me, while other tasks have had a pretty steep learning curve.    I’m not opposed in any way to working hard, but I have reached a point in my life that I feel I have earned the right to set some rules of my own.

Wilder Rules

Rule #1–I want this blog to be fun for my readers!

Rule #2–While accomplishing rule number one, I also want to be true to who I am and have fun right along with you!

My blog name was chosen with great intention.  You see, Designing Wilder is meant to have a double meaning.  Yes, my last name is Wilder and I have done, and continue to do, a lot of designing in many different areas.  That is what I will continue writing about most of the time.  However, the blog is also about how God is “designing” this  current phase of my life.   It is a time for a new purpose and new dreams.   I may be Designing Wilder, but He is “designing” Terri Wilder.

With that being said,  I would ask that when I feel the prompting to share my heart with you or post about a topic other than strictly DIY and design ideas, that you will grant me the grace to chase that rabbit.  I promise to keep the chases to a minimum as not to confuse anyone about what kind of content they will find when visiting the blog (that is to appease the “experts”).

Now back to some design fun!

Wild Wanderings for this first week of Spring:

  1.   I fell in love with this easy DIY  mason jar vase idea!  Check it out here!
  2.   Did you see this on my Facebook page?  I could totally live in these barns!
  3.   If you need a laugh, read this!
  4.   I think I need to make these pillows!


And one last picture to welcome spring!

Foxglove flower


I’m really hoping our little two-day cold snap doesn’t harm these little babies!  They are one of my favorites!  Gotta love foxglove!

Happy Spring Friends!!!


2 thoughts on “Welcome Spring and Wild Wanderings

    • Terri

      Thanks KariAnne! You won’t believe this, but my husband read one of your posts yesterday and remarked to me this morning while we were having coffee that he is sure we would be friends if we lived near each other. I told him that I thought so too, but I’m really not sure that the world is ready for that!
      Happy Easter!

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