Give Old Wreaths A New Look!–A Wreath Makeover Story

Is anyone else out there still cleaning up glitter from Christmas? Ironically it was not one of my Christmas crafting endeavors that is to blame for producing the twinkling shards that I am still finding everywhere.

The culprit, in fact, is a particularly lovely green Christmas wrapping paper with silver starbursts! Every time one of us would tear into a package wrapped in said paper little bursts of super fine silver glitter would poof into the air and settle on everything in sight! Let’s just say the Wilder clan (including kitties) sparkled all day long! But, I’m not even a little mad about it since the paper looked so very pretty under the tree!

Speaking of after Christmas topics, when do you take down your outdoor decorations? Around our neck of the woods, it is perfectly acceptable to be blazing Christmas lights and sporting outdoor decorations all through the week of New Years. But since that week is almost over I thought I better get my act together and decide how I would replace the “Merry Christmas” sign that was currently in residence on the front door!

It needed to be something I already owned that I could pop into place quickly but I was a little bored with my choices. Not to worry! I am the Queen of the great switch up when it comes to decorating accessories and I’m going to share some of my favorite tricks for making over the wreaths that you have sitting around in storage.

Here’s where we begin . . .


Pom pom wreath with no embellishments


You may recall that I made this pompom wreath back when I was recovering from hand surgery and used it as a kind of therapy with a decorative purpose! (Tutorial here.) It met the depth requirement that would allow it to fit in between the front door and the storm door and while I really liked it as it was, I was ready for a change.

After removing the existing bow I headed to my stash of decorative accouterments (the technical term for “stuff I hoard in boxes and bags in the basement”) to see what I had on hand that could give this pretty little wreath a bit more winter pizzazz.


Here’s what I came up with . . .


Pom pom wreath with possible embellishments.


The rambling twiggy garland with glass bead clusters is one of my winter faves! It has great texture and would look great twined in and around the pompoms, but since I have two of them, I decided that I would rather use them on the fireplace mantle. That left me with an assortment of small willow orbs. I have them in two colors and they also add texture and are of the proper scale to work in among the pompoms. We had a winner!

At this point, I still had the empty space where the bow had resided to contend with. It could be filled in with extra pompoms and the wreath displayed without a bow, but the faster choice was to add back in a bow made of different ribbon. This one came off of some of the Christmas decor that I took down but its neutral green color and added raffia would work well with the willow orbs and made it a perfect choice for the wreath makeover!


Pompom wreath with possible embellishments.


Now all I had to do was head to the kitchen junk drawer for my floral wire . . .


Willow orbs will be wired into existing pom pom wreath.


Place the orbs around the wreath . . .


Pom pom wreath with willow orbs positioned.


And wire them in!

(Note: You can be random in placement or more symmetrical if you like a more formal look. Given the relaxed feel of the pompoms and the raffia attached to the bow, I opted for the relaxed look.)


Now to wire on the bow and, voila . . .


Pom pom wreath with twig orbs and ribbon.



A new wreath that took all of thirty minutes (counting hunting embellishments) to complete!


Let’s talk tips for quick changes to existing wreaths!


Number 1–Flip the wreath!

The absolute fastest and easiest way to change wreaths you already own is to simply flip it! The bottom becomes the top and the top becomes the new bottom. You may have to reposition an embellishment, but that typically will take very little effort.

I did this with the pompom wreath. This is what it originally looked like . . .


Finished pom pom wreath on front door


The bow was positioned on the bottom of the wreath with tails hanging down. After removing the bow I flipped the wreath around so that the bow would be at the top and hang into the middle.


Pom pom wreath with twig orbs and ribbon.


Number 2–Change the bow!

 Keeping a plastic bin dedicated to throwing your bows in when you remove them from something will allow you to do this in a flash! Keep them loosely packed so that they don’t get smashed. Wired ribbon is easily fixed if this happens, but if you have a bow made of unwired ribbon you might consider wadding up tissue paper to stuff into the loops to keep them in shape. There are bows in my box that I made years ago and they still look great by simply employing this storage method!

Even if you opt to make a brand new bow this is still one of the simplest ways to change up a wreath. It’s amazing how a change in ribbon color or pattern can make a wreath look entirely different!

Our pompom wreath originally sported a glamorous peacock printed bow that had gilded edges. It now hosts a more subdued plain green satin bow with the added raffia strands that almost give it a little bit of a wild feel.


Pom pom wreath with twig orbs and ribbon.


Number 3–Add, remove or switch out wreath embellishments!

My love of decorating with wreaths is well known! Sometimes I prefer very simple, classic wreaths and at other times I like a whole lot of hoopla going on! It just depends on how I am using them at any given time.

When investing either time or money into a making or buy a wreath keep in mind that you may want to change how you use it in the future. Wreaths that can stand on their own merit without any adornment can obviously be easily added to in the future so I am a huge fan!

Some ready-made wreaths will have decorative elements that are wired onto the wreath form while others may be glued. By carefully snipping the wire or glued areas with scissors you can usually remove these items fairly easily. If this leaves apparent gaps, choose your new decorative elements and rewire or glue them in place with a hot glue gun.

Because I wired the willow orbs into the redesigned pompom wreath, they can just be popped back off when a different look is desired. I can fluff the pompoms and use it without embellishing it or switch out the elements to suit the new look I want.


Pom pom wreath with twig orbs and ribbon.


Whew! I made it! the outside lights are down and the door now has a pretty newly reimagined pompom snowball wreath to light up the winter days! No doubt it will soon be a match for the snow that will inevitably fall over the next couple of months!

Hoping Y’all are staying warm and cozy. We are finally due for milder temps next week and there are some cars around here that are sorely in need of a trip to the carwash! I’m not sure I even remember what color my car really is!

Hugs ’til next time!


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  1. I love it! Brilliant update in a jiffy. Now, I have already clicked over to see you exploding green paper and that first picture has me captured. I LOVE the color of your walls. I am having a pinning party and pinning nearly all your pictures.
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