How To Shop For Vintage Like A Pro!

It’s happened to all of us. You are out and about doing a little recreational vintage shopping and spy an object that stops you in mid meander. We’re not talking a fleeting glance or passing fancy here! But, rather,  a subtle gasp accompanied by an immediate flip flop of the heart while your brain simultaneously starts racing with all the reasons that this is the perfect object to satisfy every life issue that you have ever faced! Okay, maybe not every issue, but you know with all your being that it is a VERY special find!

You turn over the price tag and the age old internal debate begins. Is it really worth the asking price? Could you do better? Is it in the budget? Those pesky questions that are the rational side of your brain endeavoring to recapture your attention in order to bring you back to an emotional state that will enable you to make a wise purchasing decision. It is the eternal dilemma for every flea market and vintage aficionado!

My most recent brush with this dilemma happened when I came upon this pretty little girl while wandering through an antique mall a couple of months before Christmas. My heart did that little flip flop, my breath caught a bit and that’s when it happened–I fell just a little in love with her!


Vintage shopping is far from an exact science! Arming yourself with a few basic guidelines will turn you into a seasoned pro at the vintage shopping game!

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Simple Vintage Christmas Centerpiece

It’s no secret that I am a fan of the unique, eclectic nature of vintage and flea market shopping. These venues are the perfect place to let your decorating imagination run wild! It was in such a situation that my creative juices where first challenged by a sweet vintage lighting globe.  And where did that flight of fancy lead? Why to a Christmas centerpiece, of course!

Vintage light globes combined with ironstone cake stands, greenery and battery powered fairy lights create a perfectly simple, unique Christmas centerpiece!

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Halloween Home Tour

Halloween is one of my very favorite occasions to to decorate for!  I love brainstorming ways to morph some of the treasured items that I use around the house on a regular basis into slightly spooky decor!  With just a bit of ingenuity and advanced planning when curating your collection of Halloween decor, switching from early fall to a haunted mansion can happen in a snap! Let’s decorate!


Convert early fall decorating into the perfectly festive Halloween decor in a snap with a little advanced planning and intentionally curated accessories!

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Ghost Garlands–Halloween DIY!

Now that fall is in full swing, I couldn’t help but start to think ahead to Halloween!  If you are in need of an easy creative adventure for yourself or to share with your favorite small people, these easy ghost garlands will fit the bill!  They are fast, easy and can be made from crafting materials that many of us have around the house already!


Bring Halloween fun to your current fall decor by adding these easy DIY ghost garlands! Great project for your favorite small people to help with!

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