Vintage Market Events–Vintage Shopping Made Easy!

No doubt you have noticed the sharp rise in vintage market and sales events over the last couple of years. What were once events unique to particular regions have now been replicated throughout the country.  This is particularly good news for those vintage lovers who live in an area devoid of much in the way of flea markets or vintage shops! These organized sales typically attract both vintage and handmade vendors from outside of your locale and provide a fun-filled experience of food, entertainment and vintage goods galore!

In the Kansas City area, we are fortunate to have access to multiple neighborhoods and small towns that make vintage shopping accessible all year long. Still, pop up vintage markets and sales abound especially from late spring through early fall. If one is so inclined, others located slightly farther away provide the perfect excuse for day trips to hunt for handmade and vintage treasures!


Vintage market and sale season is in full swing. Get ready to navigate booths filled with vintage goodness galore and emerge a victorious vintage shopper.

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upcycled cabinet

Upcycled TV Cabinet!

We all have them, those pieces of furniture that we paid good money for and are a nice quality, but they have outlived their usefulness. They have become dinosaurs! If your personal dinosaur is one of those big bulky 1990’s TV cabinets, it’s time to get your DIY on and create your own upcycled cabinet!

My nephew and his family recently moved into a house just up the hill from us.  As with many young couples, getting into a new house can leave very little left in the budget for furniture to fill that house.  One of the pieces that had just been handed down to them was a good quality tall television cabinet.  While it was a nice piece, the design did not really meet their needs or fit in with my niece’s decorating aesthetic, so a couple of weeks ago when the Wildman and I were at their house for a birthday party, she asked if we thought we could give it some new life.  A couple of days later the Wildman and my nephew wrestled the dinosaur in to the truck for the trip down the hill to our cottage by the creek and the transformation began.

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Upcycled Coffee Table, Welcome To Your New Home!

Upcycled coffee table

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I am so excited to introduce you to my upcycled coffee table! We met one hot, sultry September day in a farm field in Kansas after I had shopped for months and racked my brain endlessly to think of different options that might work for our newly configured living room. The trouble was that everything that I found was either not long enough, or I just wasn’t convinced that some of the more unique options would really meet our needs. And don’t even get me started on the cost involved in almost every choice available. Oh, my!

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