Favorite Vintage/Flea Market Finds For Outdoor Decor!

Who says decorating is only for the inside of your home? Warm weather means a lot more time spent outside, so why wouldn’t you surround yourself with the same style that you love inside by giving it an outdoor twist? It’s easy to give your outdoor decor a vintage vibe with a combination of flea market finds and new vintage style pieces!


Who says decorating is only for inside the home? Give your outdoor decor the vintage vibe using flea market items alongside new vintage style pieces!

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How To Use Flea Market Favorites To Create Container Garden Magic!

Spring is a time to dream.  Thoughts of balmy breezes and slow meanderings through a lush flower garden full of color means rounding up the gardening gear and plant catalogs to map out a plan to make those dreams come true. Since spring also marks the beginning of prime vintage and flea market shopping ahead with a season chock full of outdoor events, it only follows that any rational person would find a way to include some of these favorite found treasures in their planting plans to create the perfect flea market container garden!


Your favorite vintage finds become magical flea market container garden pieces with a bit of ingenuity and a touch of DIY! The possibilities are endless!

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Reader’s Favorite Home And Garden Posts–2016

Are you ready for new adventures in 2017? I’m right there with you in spirit! However, with the end of the year flu that hit our household last week I’m struggling to feel quite my adventurous self physically speaking. So while I work on disinfecting our domain and making the switch to winter decor, take a few minutes and peruse through the final wrap up of 2016.  Last week I revealed your favorite DIY projects of the past year.  Today I am putting the spotlight on your top 5 overall favorite posts of 2016 for the home and garden!


Wrapping up the overall reader's favorite Designing Wilder posts of 2016 featuring both home and garden ideas, tips and a few flea market shopping tricks!

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Easy Fall Centerpiece To Celebrate The Harvest

So Halloween is over and you’ve  taken down your cute spooky creations.  Do you find yourself feeling a little blah? Are you getting a little bored with fall?  Don’t feel bad, it happens to the best of us!  It’s only natural that after the festivity of Halloween is over, a case of fall decorating boredom would set in.  The cure?  It’s time to shake things up! How about putting together this easy fall centerpiece that will repurpose your current fall decor and carry you all the way through your Thanksgiving celebrations at little to no extra cost?


Multi-colored heirloom pumpkins combined with white pumpkin pie pumpkins, dried hydrangeas and faux bittersweet vines to create the perfect easy fall centerpiece!

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