Just Pick Up The Paint Brush Already!!!

Do you have a project in your house that you have been mulling over in your mind for ages? You know, the one that haunts your dreams and that you are absolutely sure is the perfect choice for your home, but you just can’t seem to get yourself to take the first step in getting it accomplished.

Whew! I’m so glad I’m not the only one!

Updating our fireplace has been the project swimming around in my head for almost two years now. Specifically, painting it.

I know, I know . . . there are those who think that painting perfectly good brick is sacrilege. I am definitely not one of those people! However, I let those people get into my head and it kept me stuck in indecision over getting started on the painted fireplace that I longed for.

But, I digress.  Let’s start where all good tales of magic and wonder begin . . . .

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DIY Shabby Distressed Fireplace Update

Today’s fireplace update is brought to you courtesy of my niece.  You see, flea market madness is not isolated to me here in the cottage by the creek.  It is a condition that runs in our family.

If you are a flea market, garage sale or Craig’s list devote’ you are bound to eventually run into an architectural piece that will wiggle its way into your heart and demand to be taken home with you.

For me it was an old rusty gate that stands in our dining room.  For my niece and her husband, it was a salvaged fireplace surround that presented the perfect solution to providing the longed for look of a mantle in the bungalow that they bought as their first home.


A salvaged surround gets a shabby fireplace update that turns it into the perfect architectural show piece in this eclectic boho bungalow.

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