Bunnies On Parade And One Final Easter Decor DIY

I love Easter! I mean, I REALLY love Easter! I love sunrise services, Easter dresses, Easter baskets, the Easter ham, our annual (though slightly unorthodox) Easter egg hunt, and given my well documented affinity for bunnies, you know I love Easter decor!

With so many transitions underway here at our cottage by the creek (read about it here), the picture below says it all.  This is where I found myself at the beginning of last week! Yep! With Easter just around the corner, there I was with my house halfway put together and a table full of rabbits in every shape and size along with a couple of lambs and some sweet little chicks all waiting to find a home. My dining room table looked like the staging area for “Easter Bunnies on Parade”.


Spring vignettes convert easily into festive Easter decor with a few simple tweaks! Layer in Easter eggs, lily of the valley, and Easter Bunnies on parade!

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The Most Perfect Easter Egg Hunt and Last Minute Entertaining Ideas!

Easter egg hunt running rabbit

Easter is upon us and if you will be serving as host for your family and friends, it is time to plan the perfect Easter Egg Hunt for your crew.  In my family Easter is always my holiday to host.  When our “littles” started getting bigger, I made the usual adjustments like hiding more eggs and putting them in more challenging locations, like up in trees and such.  (Doesn’t everybody climb trees to hide the eggs? No? Hmm, that might explain a lot about where my daughter came up with her over zealous idea!) I tried annything I could think of that would accommodate the “littles” as their egg hunting savvy increased.  It was always assumed that hunting Easter eggs would eventually go by the wayside at the point that “littles” became full grown “bigs”.  But, oh contraire!  I was sooooo wrong.  You see, we have an entire group of “bigs” that did not wish for the fun of their holidays as “littles” to come to an end.  And so it was that when our budding “bigs” reached high school age, my daughter  both proposed and planned the . . .

First Annual Awesomely Violent, Bloody, Unsportsmanlike Conducterly, Bone Crunching, Nose Misshaping, Family Easter Egg Hunt!

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Confessions of a Bunny “Enthusiast”

Near the end of February each year a powerful yearning for sunshine on my face and time spent outside communing with nature starts to overtake me.  Rarely is this a possibility in Missouri at that time of year making the next best course of action being to create that springtime environment inside the house.  This brings me to my confession . . . I am a bunny addict!  Or, as I prefer to think of it, enthusiast!   They can be made of cement, iron, plaster . . . it doesn’t matter, it is the proverbial moth to the flame situation whenever I am anyplace that there is a bunny on display.  I lose total focus . . . I can’t remember what I actually went to look for.  All I can think is , “oh, bunnies”. (sigh)  And let’s not even get started on real bunnies!  I’m a total goner when in the presence such cuteness!


Cast iron bunny family with title


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