How I Save Money When Shopping Online!

We interrupt our regular DIY and decorating shenanigans to spill the beans about how you can save money simply by doing your regular shopping! While I don’t consider myself cheap, I do consider myself to be thrifty! Unfortunately, so many of the traditional methods that allow you to spend less involve way too much time-consuming research. Let’s face it, with jobs to excel at, families to take care of, dinners to get on the table and a home to keep up, nobody has time to for that! So how’s a girl supposed to save some mullah? Here are two of my personally Designing Wilder tested answers!

Save money by shopping with my favorite money saving apps!

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Having spent many years as a single working mom, clipping copious amounts of coupons or scouring ads for the lowest possible price and then running from store to store to make my purchases was just not an option. While I tried variations of those techniques to make my dollar stretch, I was a total failure! I just didn’t have the time! Instead, I settled for spending my hard earned dollars in places that I felt gave me the best overall bang for my buck.

However, with the evolution of technology, I have stumbled upon a few methods of saving that are actually user-friendly and really take very little time to set up and start reaping the benefits! I’m so excited to tell you about two of my very favorites because, after all, who doesn’t love to save money? And, because we’re friends, I am extending a personal invitation for you to get started with both HONEY and EBATES!

Oops, I’m getting ahead of myself! Let’s get started!

Honey logo

Tired of wasting time searching for a coupon code for items you need to purchase online? Search no more! Honey is a Chrome extension that identifies available coupons from websites that they work with and helps you find the best deal for you!


Honey will put an icon on your extension bar.


Upon signing up, Honey adds an icon to your extension bar.  When you go to an online shopping site that has Honey offers available, the number of offers shows up in a little green box at the bottom right of the Honey icon.


Honey alerts you to best deals on multi-seller sites like Amazon.


Another really cool feature of Honey on multi-seller sites like Amazon is the “Best Deal” alert.  If you are shopping for an item, like the turntable above, that may have multiple sellers with the same item available, Honey puts a “Best Deal” icon next to the price so that you know this is the lowest price available on that particular site. If there are other sellers with lower prices a banner slides in from the bottom alerting you to those other deals.


Drop down banner lets you know that there are savings available.


Shop the site for the items you need and proceed to checkout.  At this point, if there are discounts available, this friendly little banner will drop down to remind you to use Honey.  All you have to do is click the “Save Money” button!


The Honey lab goes to work checking all coupons to find the most savings.


That’s when the Honey lab goes to work! Every coupon code is tested to identify your best option, and the appropriate code is inserted in the shopping site’s discount code field for you. That’s it! You just saved money! Now simply check out as usual!


Drop down banner alerts you that even though there are no coupons active, you can still earn Honey Gold.


While most sights have general discounts that apply to your total purchase, some sites like Amazon may have many offers that are very specific to items purchased.  If that is the case and none of your items qualify for a discount, the Cash Bonus pop up will replace the coupon checker giving you the opportunity to earn Honey Gold.  Click on the “Continue to Checkout” button to activate your Honey Gold for this purchase.  Honey Gold is basically a rebate on your purchases. It accumulates in your Honey account and then you visit the website and cash in your Honey Gold for the gift certificates of your choice.


Track and redeem Honey Gold at


Once on the Honey website navigate to “Account Overview” using the down arrow next to your profile picture. From here you can track shopping trips and transactions.  Once you gather at least 1000 Honey Gold you are eligible to redeem the savings.  Last week I redeemed 9000 Honey Gold earned from my normal online shopping for $90 in Amazon Gift Certificate codes. People, that’s real money! Mix and match, redeem part of your points and leave the rest to accumulate.  It’s your choice!

The time saved by using Honey is key for me! No one I know has time to sit at a computer searching for discount codes that may or may not work.  The Honey Gold feature is an added benefit that really adds up to substantial cash back!

*A new feature has just been introduced called the Honey Drop List.  This feature allows you to add items to a list of items to be alerted when a drop in price occurs! One more reason to love Honey! Boy, I really love saving money!

*Edit Date June 14, 2017

Friends help friends save MONEY!!! So I am extending you an invitation to join Honey! Just click here to get your invitation and start saving money with Honey today!


Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

I have used EBATES for about 5 years now.  It started as a way to score rebates on online purchases.  It has now expanded to include an app for your phone that will allow you to save on in-store purchases at participating stores!


EBATES in action.


Let’s start with the online shopping feature.  EBATES is compatible with all major browsers and is incredibly easy and convenient to use to save money on your normal online shopping! After you have signed up with EBATES you will find their icon added to your extension bar as you see above.  When you visit a site that participates with EBATES a drop box will appear on the upper right-hand side of your page.  This drop box gives you the opportunity to activate the cash back savings immediately, or you can choose to activate it later.  If you decide to activate later, you simply click on the EBATES icon in your extension bar BEFORE YOU SUBMIT YOUR ORDER and the savings will be activated. That’s it! Done! Bring on the savings!

Once you make a purchase you will get an email from EBATES that tells you how much cash back you earned with that purchase. You just sit back and reap the benefits of earning cash back while you shop online at your favorite stores.  Each quarter you will receive an email from EBATES letting you know that you have a check on the way and the amount of the check.  It’s like free money!


  1. When you activate your EBATES savings, you will be taken to the homepage of the website you are shopping.  For this reason, you might want to be sure to activate savings when you arrive at a site to avoid having to navigate back to an item page that you are looking at.  The other option is to do your shopping and activate BEFORE you check out, then proceed to your shopping cart.  Just don’t forget!

2.  Check your email each day for EBATES Daily Double Update! These are stores that are literally doubling their normal cashback offers for that day. Good to know if you already have planned purchases that happen to match up with one of the daily offers!

3.  You can go to anytime for a one-stop listing of deals offered by stores you love at any given time.


The newer feature of EBATES is the phone app that allows you to earn cash back for both online purchases made from your phone and purchases you make while at participating retail stores. I haven’t had the opportunity to use the app as much as the desktop feature, but it is also very easy to navigate. Simply load the EBATES app onto your phone (iPhone and Android available) and link a credit card to your EBATES account.


EBATES phone app online savings.          EBATES in-store cash back feature.


Now it’s time to shop!  Open your EBATES app.  It will automatically default to online “Hot Deals” tab (shown on the left) for you to shop.  Tap the “In-Store” tab (shown on the right) to find the offers that you can activate by hitting the “link” button next to the store that you are currently shopping in.  Make your purchases using the credit card that you have linked to your EBATES account and you earn cash back for all of those purchases!  Heading to World Market or Body Shop? Just tap the “link” button, shop, and pay with the linked credit card!  You just earned cash back! See what I mean? EASY!


  1. Currently, the only credit cards that can be linked are VISA and American Express. If in-store offers are based on your use of a store credit card, it is possible that you will save more by using the store card instead of taking advantage of EBATES cash back.

2.   Turn on the location notification for the EBATES app to be alerted when you are entering a store that can be linked.  Now you don’t have to remember to check every store you plan to shop at on a given day.

3.  If you are headed out to shop, you can check the stores you plan on visiting to see if they participate before you head out. Tap the “Stores” button at the bottom of the app to see the list of participating stores provided in alphabetical order! Who knew it was so easy to save money?


Here’s the best news of all! I’m personally inviting you to join! It’s so easy! Just click here to be taken to your invitation! Sign up and make a $25 qualifying purchase within 90 days and EBATES will give you an extra $10 on your next check!  It’s just so easy!!!

So put away those scissors and coupon organizers! Say goodbye to the time drain of online couponing! It’s time to save money the EASY way!

Hugs ’til next time,

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Easy ways to save money while you go about your regular shopping! Simple apps you can use both online and in store to stretch your budget.

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