The Most Perfect Easter Egg Hunt and Last Minute Entertaining Ideas!

Easter egg hunt running rabbit

Easter is upon us and if you will be serving as host for your family and friends, it is time to plan the perfect Easter Egg Hunt for your crew.  In my family Easter is always my holiday to host.  When our “littles” started getting bigger, I made the usual adjustments like hiding more eggs and putting them in more challenging locations, like up in trees and such.  (Doesn’t everybody climb trees to hide the eggs? No? Hmm, that might explain a lot about where my daughter came up with her over zealous idea!) I tried annything I could think of that would accommodate the “littles” as their egg hunting savvy increased.  It was always assumed that hunting Easter eggs would eventually go by the wayside at the point that “littles” became full grown “bigs”.  But, oh contraire!  I was sooooo wrong.  You see, we have an entire group of “bigs” that did not wish for the fun of their holidays as “littles” to come to an end.  And so it was that when our budding “bigs” reached high school age, my daughter  both proposed and planned the . . .

First Annual Awesomely Violent, Bloody, Unsportsmanlike Conducterly, Bone Crunching, Nose Misshaping, Family Easter Egg Hunt!

Easter bunny with first place galvanized ribbon

I will tell you now that when she introduced the idea I had no clue what I was getting myself into for many years to come!  Kenzie approached the planning of this event with gusto, and I soon realized that I did not have the where with all to dye enough Easter eggs to accommodate the elaborate point system that she had devised in order to keep anyone from winning based solely on the number of eggs collected.  So I proposed using a combination of real and plastic eggs, something we had been loathe to do up until this point in history.  Understanding my plight she acquiesced to the plastic egg idea and  cheerfully helped me fill each of the plastic eggs with either a treat, a score multiplying message, or a  penalty (you don’t even what to know about the “poop” egg!) to go along with the hunt’s point system.  This way, she rightly reasoned, nobody could really have any idea who was leading until eggs where sorted by color and opened to assess any penalty points or rewards.  This is the point breakdown for the eggs by color.  A  tiny rubber duck was added to the mix that would be hidden by our particularly canny and conniving Easter Bunny for big points!

The Official Annual Awesomely Violent, Bloody, Unsportsmanlike Conducterly, Bone Crunching, Nose Misshaping, Family Easter Egg Hunt Point Guide

Green/Orange/Yellow = 1 Point

Pink/Purple = 2 Points

Blue = 3 Points

Mini Eggs = 4 Points

Glitter Eggs = 5 Points

Multi Colored = 6 Points

The “Poop” Egg = Negative 5 Points

The Rubber Duck = 10 Points

Robin's egg candle ring for Easter decorating

Because this was to be a full blown contest, it was clear (according to my daughter) that prizes would also be needed.  That, I thought, was simple enough given my family’s pervasive affinity for Starbucks, so a gift card was purchased to give away as grand prize.  But it would seem that a mere monetary prize was not to be enough in her mind.  Since this was to be an all family event, a symbol of bragging rights needed to be identified.  We needed some sort of trophy that could be awarded to the winner with all the appropriate pomp and circumstance!

Foxglove in Easter pink

And so it was that the Annual Awesomely Violent, Bloody, Unsportsmanlike Conducterly, Bone Crunching, Nose Misshaping, Family Easter Egg Hunt crown was born.  Painstakingly crafted with supplies from Hobby Lobby, the right to wear the crown ultimately became what the participants coveted most!  In fact, they pursued winning at risk to life and limb.  I bet you think I’m kidding.  Nope!  While the mild mannered hunt went on down the creek at the neighbor’s house, my crew which also included some of the adults, would be running, pushing, yelling and jumping on each other’s back in an attempt to steal eggs or put what they thought to be a “penalty” egg in each other’s basket.  It was quite a scene to behold, and any smart person beheld it from the safe confines of the back deck!  Once it was determined that most (you know how that goes!) of the eggs where accounted for the scoring began under the watchful eye of impartial parties.  Debates over the “true” color of some of the more creatively dyed eggs where settled and by the end of the scoring round I was sure I could have qualified for a job tallying the results of the Miss America Pageant!  The winner would then be announced, don the crown and take the ceremonial walk down the deck stairs to the cheers (or jeers) of their fellow competitors resounding behind them.

Easter egg hunt winner

Easter egg hunt winner

Aw, the memories . . . .  I am happy to report that we did, indeed, survive the years of fierce Easter egg competitions without any serious injury.  Only some minor scraps, cuts, bruises and back twinges!  It is also my extreme pleasure to report that our “bigs” are now having “littles” of their own so the Annual Awesomely Violent, Bloody, Unsportsmanlike Conducterly, Bone Crunching, Nose Misshaping, Family Easter Egg Hunt has passed into the annuls of family folklore!  Once again, serenity reigns over the annual Easter Egg Hunt at our cottage on the creek as the “littles” run and toddle around the yard in search of eggs that are hidden practically in plain view.  It is so lovely!  Best of all, the necessity of having an ambulance on call is also in the past! (At least for a few years.)

Need some last minute ideas for your Easter event?

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Whether your  “perfect” Easter gathering tends towards the rowdy and raucous, or the simple and serene, I wish you a blessed time with family and friends as we celebrate our Risen Lord!




The Most Perfect Easter Egg Hunt

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