The Room I’m Embarrassed To Show You

Does anyone else have a room in your house that you are not friends with?

The one that does not reflect your vision for your home and just won’t get with the program?

For me, that is our hall bathroom. We are not friends! Not even a little bit!

The rift is so bad that I am a little embarrassed to invite you in. But since this is a no judgment zone and given that you and I ARE friends I feel sure you will grant me grace in the matter of my seriously misguided, outdated hall bathroom!

When the calendar turned over to January my brain started the inevitable flurry of listing and prioritizing the projects needing to be accomplished here at the cottage on the creek.  For several years that list has included the hall bath but it never made it to one of the top spots on the list. With a window replacement and an exterior paint job in the top two positions this year, the hall bath once again did not make the cut for a full update.

However, I feel certain that when you see it, you will totally be on my side in the conviction that something MUST be done. Since we are so clearly of the same mind I decided that there is nobody more qualified to walk through this problem solving/updating process with me.

So here we go! Come on in and let me tell you the sad story of our hall bath.


Entry into the hall bathroom.


The biggest decorating disappointments in my life have occurred when I was either rushed into making a decision or was given an extremely limited set of options from which to choose. This bathroom, in its current state, is an example of both of those circumstances beginning with the tile on the tub surround and the marble vanity with gold veining.


Outdated marble vanity with shell sink.


These are both original to the house. Very few options were allowed by the builder and these were the most neutral options. They served me well for several years and are in great condition, but let me just be honest,  not only am I SOOOOO very tired of them, but they are not really in the realm of my go-to color families.

Here’s the rub. Did I mention that they are both in pristine condition? Given that and the fact that there are other demands on the budget that supersede my “tile/sink fatigue”, it is almost impossible to get my head around replacing either at this time.  The fixtures were updated a few years ago to the current bronze that you see here so that helps to draw the eye away from the more outdated materials.

The other factor to consider that I haven’t mentioned yet is that what I really want to do is knock out the tub and connect this bathroom with another small bathroom that is attached to the original master bedroom. This would create a single much more adequately sized bathroom to serve the first floor.

I’m sure you’ve already guessed the problem. Yep, you got it! It’s not in the budget for this year, but if we are truly thinking this is a viable option in the near future, it doesn’t make sense to gut the current bathroom and start from scratch now.

All of this to say that I will likely work around the current vanity top and the tile. Painting the tile, though, is up for discussion.


Hall bathroom shower view


 That brings us to the other two elephants in the room, the floor, and the wallpaper.

I fully plan on ripping out the carpet and tiling the floor. It’s a very small space and we can do this ourselves to keep the project cost-effective.

Then there is the matter of the wallpaper which I have never liked. This is an example of what happens when one lets themselves be rushed instead of taking however long it takes to find the right option! People, take it from me, take your time! You will likely be living with your decisions for some time!


Hole in the wallpaper


To compound the issue wallpaper not being my style, there are a couple of tears in it where the Wildman took down a picture a little too quickly. I wasn’t even a little upset because it strengthened my position that we needed to remove the wallpaper as fast as humanly possible.

However, it just so happened that Easter, which we were hosting, was almost upon us so I strategically placed Mr. Moose with the rustic “Love” sign below him to cover the aforementioned tears.


Moose and "love" sign cover up tears in wallpaper.


I’m sure you know what happened after that. Without the tears staring me in the face every time I entered the bathroom it was easy to keep putting off the job of attacking the wallpaper. But, no more! The time has come!

When I don’t have the luxury of starting with a blank slate for a project I like to start  by taking getting down to as bare bones as possible before I make any decisions.

The wallpaper will come down first then I will shop for flooring. This should help solidify the decision about whether to paint the tile around the tub or leave it as it is. It will also direct my options for wall color and treatment. Depending on the flooring choice I might possibly stencil the walls to mimic the appearance of wallpaper if I feel like I need the pattern in the space. This can be done super inexpensively and, again, keeps spending down on items that would need to be replaced if we expand the bathrooms in the next year or two.

Now that you know my deep dark secret I truly hope you still want to be my friend! After all, I’m going to need you to cheer me on through this process!!! I just know you will give me all of the right advice!

Hugs ’til next time!


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