Decorating With Vintage Valentines and Garlands

Fast and Easy Valentine's Decorating with vintage valentines


Valentine’s Day is a great excuse to add a little pizzazz to winter decor, but, let’s face it, the timeline is so short that it doesn’t necessarily make sense to spend a lot of time and money to add “heartfelt” touches to brighten up what can be rather bleak February days.  My solution this year was to break out my collection of vintage Valentines Day cards.   I am always drawn to the sweet, color washed designs depicted on vintage cards and stationery!   Many of the Valentine’s that I have are particularly special to me because they were originally given to my Uncle Bob by his primary school classmates.  My grandmother had saved them for years and, when my mom found them, she passed them along to me.  It is so fun to see the handwritten messages and signatures that grace the backs or insides of these vintage heirlooms.

Though I have had the cards for a while, I really never used them until last year when I tucked them randomly into existing vignettes in an effort to fashion some semblance of Valentine’s Day decor despite being creatively challenged by bandages and casts.  (You can read about it here. )  This year, however, I decided to give them a bit more of the limelight by making more intentional areas to display multiple cards together so that they could exude the appropriate “loving” messages en mass.

The entry mirror hosts a pom-pom garland on which smaller cards are clipped to the braided jute twine with tiny decorative clothes pins that I found in the $1 area at Target.  (Score!  Don’t neglect this area when you buzz through the store!  I also found small chalkboards that I had been keeping my eyes open for at a good price.  Can’t get much better than $1!)  Garlands are great for quick changes in decorating because you can tie or clip different items to them and completely change their look!


Vintage Valentines attached to winter pom-pom garland with mini clothes pins


A larger glittered sentiment is displayed on the antique typewriter that is also on the entry table.


Vintage valentine decorates an antique typewriter


In the dining room a vintage Valentine is tucked into the center of the faux boxwood wreath that hangs above the buffet while other cards are arranged around an existing display of  some of my favorite transferware teacups.


Vintage Valentine tucked into a faux boxwood wreath


Vintage Valentine's worked into a display of tea cups


One of the best things about using vintage ephemera to decorate with is that it adds so much character without a lot of effort!   So the next time you see that random old post card, sheet music or time-worn book that make your heart go pitter-pat, don’t think twice!  Just grab it and give it a place of honor in your decor!   Really worn and tattered items can also be used to add unique touches in craft projects!

Just one last mention of the ease of decorating with garlands.  The one I used on the mantle is made of rusty chain with the clips already attached that I found last year on  I love its versatility and move it around the house on a regular basis changing out the items clipped to it to suit my whims at any given time!   In this case I continued the pom-pom theme from across the room and then added the mercury glass, heart-shaped ornaments.  What could be easier?   By the way, if you are not familiar with Decor Steals, they change their offers daily so you will want to sign up for their email notices of each days deal!  They feature a varied selection of unique decorating accessories at great prices!


Rusty clip garland with pom-poms and mercury glass heart ornaments


I am such a fan of decorating that can be changed out on the fly!!!   Who knows what I will be clipping to it next!


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