Confessions of a Bunny “Enthusiast”

Near the end of February each year a powerful yearning for sunshine on my face and time spent outside communing with nature starts to overtake me.  Rarely is this a possibility in Missouri at that time of year making the next best course of action being to create that springtime environment inside the house.  This brings me to my confession . . . I am a bunny addict!  Or, as I prefer to think of it, enthusiast!   They can be made of cement, iron, plaster . . . it doesn’t matter, it is the proverbial moth to the flame situation whenever I am anyplace that there is a bunny on display.  I lose total focus . . . I can’t remember what I actually went to look for.  All I can think is , “oh, bunnies”. (sigh)  And let’s not even get started on real bunnies!  I’m a total goner when in the presence such cuteness!


Cast iron bunny family with title


I tell you this so that you can have an understanding of how I came to own so many decorative bunnies!  When the weariness of winter has become too much for me to bear any longer, bunnies start finding their way out of their storage boxes, one by one, to be tucked here and there around the house to keep me focused on the fact that spring will eventually come!  Now this is perfectly acceptable behavior when Easter falls early on the calendar as it does this year.   But in years when Easter falls later into April. there are many who think I have lost my mind due to a particularly virulent case of cabin fever when the bunnies start appearing on March 1.   I want you all to know, however, that I have recognized my problem and, as of a year ago, have cut myself off from purchasing any more bunnies lest they overtake our little cottage by the creek completely!


So without further ado . . . welcome to my bunny parade!

This cast iron bunny family is one of my favorites and moves around the house all summer long.


Cast iron bunny family


This wooden mama and her babies are currently leaping over the egg picture made of buttons that hangs on the rusty iron gate in the dining room.  (Read about the picture here.)  At other times they may find themselves leaping over the front door.


Bunny family on rusty garden gate


Bunny family on an iron garden gate.


You’ve gotta love a bunny on wheels!


Bunny on wheels


Mr. Garden Basket Bunny endeavors to remind me to eat my veggies, though I am many times a massive disappointment to him!


Bunny with basket of veggies on his back.


This little bunny couple crosses over into my love of stuffed animals.  They have so much detail that I have deemed them decor rather than toys and the presently reign over one of the shelves in the farmhouse cabinet.


Bunny couple worked into display in farmhouse cabinet.


One of the other shelves is presided over by a bunny shaped cake pan. (Nope, I’ve never baked a cake in it. )


Bunny cake pan in display in farmhouse cabinet.


I love the way the milk glass bunny pairs with white ironstone teacups!


Bunny with basket of lavender.


And then there are the bunnies that are definitely meant for Easter decorating.  While many of the bunnies get to stay out until it is time to think about fall decorating, these only stay out until the Easter celebration is over.

There are bunnies with babies . . .


Bunnies with baby carriage.


A bunny who carries a giant Easter egg in his wheelbarrow . . .


Bunny with a wheelbarrow.


And a bunny adorning a giant egg . . . .


Bunny drawn on large egg.


Then there are Easter Bunny stand up boards . . .


Easter Bunny stand up boards.


And one of my very favorites, the running bunny shaped like it came out of a chocolate Easter Bunny mold.  I just love that face!


Running bunny.


Don’t think for a minute that my bunny obsession stops with just the inside of the house.   I can’t even remember how long this guy has been sitting in the garden!


Cement garden bunny.


But, possibly my very favorite bunny of all is this stately fellow who welcomes all who come to our cottage by the creek.


Large cement bunny on porch.


So there you have it!  I know that it seems that the house must be overtaken with my bunny addiction, but they truly are pretty spread out as to not be overwhelming.  Besides, why shouldn’t we surround ourselves with things that bring a smile to our hearts?  Isn’t that what making a home is all about?


Hope you have a hopping good time with your own spring decorating!


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