Bedroom Makeover–The Adventure Begins

We spent a big part of the first weekend of the New Year taking down the rest of the Christmas decor both inside and out.  After everything on that list was complete, being the brave man that he is, the Wildman turned to me and asked if there was anything else that I had been thinking about getting done while we had a free weekend on our hands.  I immediately launched into the possible maintenance and updates that had started swirling around in my head as I thought about projects for the house for the coming year.   I’m sure he was just a tiny bit sorry that he asked!  However, after analyzing the swirling dervish of possibilities, the one that rose to the top in my mind was our master bedroom.  (I spaced out and forgot to take a before picture, but this will give you an idea of what the original layout was with a queen size bed.)


Master Bedroom before picture

When the Wildman and I got married we kind of threw the bedroom together to accommodate the two of us.  One of my goals for this year is to put our heads together and design a master bedroom that is reflective of both of us.  Other than the substitution of a king size bed which required us to change the room arrangement a bit from what you see in the before picture, for the most part the room still looked very similar to the way I designed it for myself.  Unfortunately, the arrangement just never felt totally comfortable to me.   Now that we have lived in the room together for an extended period of time we have a much better idea of what is working and what is not.

While we want to look at changing wall color and floor treatment down the road, the first thing we wanted to figure out was the best furniture placement.  Fortunately the Wildman was all in when I told him that I wanted to start this adventure by taking a look at rearranging the room.  So all in, in fact, that we started the next morning.

Our master bedroom is at the top of a stairway with no hallway outside of it, so getting the other furniture out of the way in order to have room to move the king size bed without having to completely disassemble it was a challenge.  Luckily I had been pondering the furniture placement for a while and I had a pretty good idea of where the big pieces should go.  We maneuvered those larger pieces into place and then moved the bed.   This also involved getting the zebra rug, which we originally had  in the living room, in place under the bed to ground the area.  Thankfully the floor plan fell into place as I had pictured it in my mind the first time with only minor adjustments. (That hardly ever happens!)


Master Bedroom Full View


Master Bedroom Closet View


Master Bedroom Bed Wall View


Master Bedroom Armoire Corner


One of the tweaks we made was angling the fireplace which I had been hesitant to do because of the empty space it would create behind it.  We both really liked the way it looked so the Wildman left me alone for a while to stare at the corner until inspiration struck.  Finally it hit me!  I had purchased a bird cage with the stand a few months ago and separated them because the cage was too small for the stand.  It has been hanging out in the storage area waiting patiently for its time in the spotlight.  We put it behind the fireplace on a wooden box which placed it at the perfect height to hold the book page wreath that I love.  (Mine is made from an old hymnal so as I pass by it I see song titles that remind me of hearing my grandma singing them in the garden while she worked.)   This really brings the corner forward to the eye so it solved the qualms I had about all that empty space.


Master Bedroom Fireplace Corner with Book Page Wreath


We left some of our accessories in place so that the room would feel somewhat normal, but some areas are definitely not quite in the proper proportion.  The iron bed will most likely be replaced with something more architectural.  (I’m hoping to talk the Wildman into repurposing or building something for me.  Shhh . . . that’s just between us until his back recovers from moving furniture!)  The bedside tables also need to be replaced to provide a bit more storage.  We have already been on the lookout for the right pieces, but no luck yet.


Master Bedroom Seating Area


For now it is time to live in it for a while to be sure the layout works for us before we make decisions regarding the other elements in the room.

Stay tuned . . . !


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