When A Reindeer Whispers Your Name

Christmas decorating this year was all about EASY!

Once the tree was up the rest of the great room/dining room looked a little sad and dejected. The answer for a quick easy Christmas decorating solution for that sad entry? Fresh greens!

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This year's goal--EASY CHRISTMAS DECORATING! Fresh greens and sparkly string lights are the perfect tools for making merry with the decor you already own!

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Oh Christmas Tree–I Need A Change!

With the first week of December upon us, it is time to head to the attic and pull out the boxes of Christmas decor! So exciting, right? What? Not so much, you say?

Are you finding that some of your decorations are leaving you feeling a little less than inspired? Does thinking about the time it takes to deck out the house leave you wanting to curl into a fetal position on the couch?

Take heart sweet friend! Even the most devoted, Christmas decor loving, traditionalist has times when they are either craving a little (or big) change or just need to find a way to make the job easier. Our mission, then, is to figure out ways to change your look within realistic time constraints and without sacrificing your budget!

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Making Wreath Magic–Let’s Talk Turkey!

How is it possible that this is Thanksgiving week? It seems like it was just yesterday that I was passing out Halloween candy!

I woke up two days ago and realized that various family obligations, as well as a nasty cold, had completely obliterated the first two weeks of November. If you find yourself in a similar predicament and are in need of some fast and furious decorating mojo before you host Thanksgiving, let’s talk turkey about the endless versatility of the humble wreath!


One of the fastest ways to add a pop of excitement to a decorating dilemma is by using a wreath to work magic! Endlessly versatile & as unique as you are!

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Fast And Easy Halloween Touches

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Have you ever made plans only to have them totally fall apart?

I’m not talking everyday plans like what to have for dinner, or which pair of jeans you will wear with the supremely¬†swanky new sweater you just bought in order to achieve maximum skinniness.

No, I’m talking big plans! Grandiose even! The kind of plans you go to bed dreaming about. The kind of plans that you just know are going to turn out so incredibly awesome that people will talk about the outcome for years to come.

That’s the kind of plans I had for my Halloween decorating this year! Amazingly awesome, grandiosely spectacular¬†plans!

But then life happened. The kind of “life” things that keep you completely off balance and valiantly fighting to keep all of the balls in the air. The kind that leaves you emotionally spent and feeling like the wrung out dish rag hanging over the edge of the kitchen sink.

And suddenly, those wonderfully awesome, amazing plans find their way to the bottom of your list of priorities. A position that pretty much seals their fate and relegates them to the “maybe next year” file.

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