Drum Roll Please!–2017 Reader’s Faves

Have you been reading all of the “What’s in–What’s out” lists that have filled Facebook feeds for the last couple of days?

For instance, did you know that the “Jungalow” look is out? Color me red-faced! I never even knew it was in!

And move over Millenial Pink, lavender is the new go-to color for 2018! Sounds good to me! I do love myself some purple!

While trend watching is fun, don’t forget that the very best decorating trend of all time is choosing your own unique style! Your personality is always on trend, my sweet friend!!!

Y’all have made it quite clear based on your favorite posts of the past year that flea market and vintage is your jam! I hear you! I’m right there with you! Whether you are someone who goes all in or are one who would rather simply use carefully curated pieces that speak to you, vintage style works in so many different situations and transcends being trendy into the realm of the classic!

Without further, let’s take a little stroll down memory lane to revisit your favorite Designing Wilder posts of the last year!


Y'all have weighed in and without further ado--Here are the top 5 Designing Wilder posts of 2017


No. 5–How To Shop For Vintage Like A Pro!

It is easy to get overwhelmed in many vintage and flea market shopping venues! Between the sensory overload caused by the sheer amount of merchandise contained in typically small spaces and the fact that it is impossible to be an expert on every type of vintage style item you will encounter, it is easy for even the most experienced of flea market connoisseurs to either walk away from a great deal or find themselves suffering from buyers remorse over a purchase made impulsively.

 My trick is to remind myself of what I’m looking for and some basic shopping guidelines for different vintage categories before I set out on one of my adventures! Take a look here!


Vintage girl's bust with tulle bow.



No. 4–Decorating With Vintage Typewriters

Vintage typewriters are one of my great loves! Whether your goal is to own an entire collection of them to hang on a wall in your office (oops, maybe that’s just me), or to acquire one very special specimen to call your own, you are going to love the ideas for displaying them that you will find here!


Vintage typewriters provide a unique flair to your decorating vignettes! Consider these tips when choosing one or more to use in your decor!



No. 3–Collecting and Displaying Vintage Finds

If you are a true vintage style lover it is likely that you have one, or more, favorite items to collect.  My personal obsessions are vintage silver and linens.  It doesn’t really matter to me what the item is, if it has that well-loved patina of old silver or the starched hand of old pillowcases and table runners, you can be sure that I will find myself totally smitten! Throw in any type of monogram and I’m a goner!

The problem is that collections tend to run into one of two issues. Either they take over your display space, or they end up in boxes or drawers where you can’t enjoy them.  Sometimes all you need is a new perspective on using these items either in your everyday life or in your decor. Check out some of the ways I keep my collections under control and out where they can be enjoyed in this post!


Vintage salt and pepper shakers grouped with antique table lamp.



No. 2–Favorite Vintage/Flea Market Finds For Outdoor Decor!

One of my favorite flea market items to look for is any type of galvanized garden piece. Whether its watering cans, buckets, or wash tubs, galvanized pieces always seem to wiggle their way into my heart! Putting them to use in my own garden makes me happy!

Take a look at some ideas for using your favorite rusty, galvanized or vintage collected items to decorate your outdoor living spaces here!


Who says decorating is only for inside the home? Give your outdoor decor the vintage vibe using flea market items alongside new vintage style pieces!



Whew! We made it! Here we are ready for the number 1 favorite post of 2017! 

May I have a DRUM ROLL, please!


No. 1–How To Use Flea Market Favorites To Create Container Garden Magic!

It would appear that Y’all are just as enamored of vintage garden containers as I am! One of my favorite things to do is find unique inspirations for melding my love of flower gardening with my love of all things flea market and vintage!

I can’t decide which one of these ideas is my favorite. The birdcage wall is AMAZING, but the rusty old clock is so INCREDIBLY SWEET!

Which one will be your favorite? Check it out here!


Your favorite vintage finds become magical flea market container garden pieces with a bit of ingenuity and a touch of DIY! The possibilities are endless!


I’m so glad Y’all chose those posts as your faves! It was so fun to revisit them and start dreaming of flea market adventures to come. With the frigid temps outside this is the perfect time to snuggle in by the fire and start garden planning complete with items to be added to my shopping list that will give just the right flair of vintage style to my outdoor spaces for the coming spring and summer!

If nobody has pointed this out to you today, you are AMAZING! I am incredibly blessed to call you one of my tribe and am so thankful for the fact that you stop by to spend time with me! It means the world to me and I can’t wait to see all of the fun we will have in 2018! Who knows where this journey will lead us!

Wishing you a very happy and blessed New Year!

Hugs ’til next time!


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Not officially part of the tribe yet? What are you waiting for? I can’t wait to meet you!


3 thoughts on “Drum Roll Please!–2017 Reader’s Faves

  1. Each one of these is so interesting Terri! I can see why they made most popular. I enjoyed them too since I’m a picker & gatherer. Always fun for me to see how others display their finds. My fave of yours is from last year…the light fixtures on cake plates. I’m still looking for that light globe to be a “cake.”

  2. Oh, my! Terri, I love all the top posts you’ve shared here!!! I pinned and scheduled most of your photos for you and I LOVE, love, love!!! the succulent birdbath you created. I think I might steal that idea, if you don’t mind? Really enjoying reading everyone’s Top Posts this week!!! Thank you for sharing yours!!!

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