When You Lose Your Heart To A Red Church Window

Have you ever lost your heart to something totally unexpected? Something you didn’t even know you wanted or needed? Oh, good, I’m so glad I’m not the only one!

One of the pieces in our house that I get the most questions about is the large antique window that I turned into a mirror for our front entry. It just so happens that this beauty stole my heart in one those “I didn’t even know I needed a giant church window” moments several years ago.


Flea market church window becomes an entry hall mirror! #fleamarketmirror #shabbychic #cottagestyle

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The Room I’m Embarrassed To Show You

Does anyone else have a room in your house that you are not friends with?

The one that does not reflect your vision for your home and just won’t get with the program?

For me, that is our hall bathroom. We are not friends! Not even a little bit!

The rift is so bad that I am a little embarrassed to invite you in. But since this is a no judgment zone and given that you and I ARE friends I feel sure you will grant me grace in the matter of my seriously misguided, outdated hall bathroom!

When the calendar turned over to January my brain started the inevitable flurry of listing and prioritizing the projects needing to be accomplished here at the cottage on the creek.  For several years that list has included the hall bath but it never made it to one of the top spots on the list. With a window replacement and an exterior paint job in the top two positions this year, the hall bath once again did not make the cut for a full update.

However, I feel certain that when you see it, you will totally be on my side in the conviction that something MUST be done. Since we are so clearly of the same mind I decided that there is nobody more qualified to walk through this problem solving/updating process with me.

So here we go! Come on in and let me tell you the sad story of our hall bath.

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Give Old Wreaths A New Look!–A Wreath Makeover Story

Is anyone else out there still cleaning up glitter from Christmas? Ironically it was not one of my Christmas crafting endeavors that is to blame for producing the twinkling shards that I am still finding everywhere.

The culprit, in fact, is a particularly lovely green Christmas wrapping paper with silver starbursts! Every time one of us would tear into a package wrapped in said paper little bursts of super fine silver glitter would poof into the air and settle on everything in sight! Let’s just say the Wilder clan (including kitties) sparkled all day long! But, I’m not even a little mad about it since the paper looked so very pretty under the tree!

Speaking of after Christmas topics, when do you take down your outdoor decorations? Around our neck of the woods, it is perfectly acceptable to be blazing Christmas lights and sporting outdoor decorations all through the week of New Years. But since that week is almost over I thought I better get my act together and decide how I would replace the “Merry Christmas” sign that was currently in residence on the front door!

It needed to be something I already owned that I could pop into place quickly but I was a little bored with my choices. Not to worry! I am the Queen of the great switch up when it comes to decorating accessories and I’m going to share some of my favorite tricks for making over the wreaths that you have sitting around in storage.

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Drum Roll Please!–2017 Reader’s Faves

Have you been reading all of the “What’s in–What’s out” lists that have filled Facebook feeds for the last couple of days?

For instance, did you know that the “Jungalow” look is out? Color me red-faced! I never even knew it was in!

And move over Millenial Pink, lavender is the new go-to color for 2018! Sounds good to me! I do love myself some purple!

While trend watching is fun, don’t forget that the very best decorating trend of all time is choosing your own unique style! Your personality is always on trend, my sweet friend!!!

Y’all have made it quite clear based on your favorite posts of the past year that flea market and vintage is your jam! I hear you! I’m right there with you! Whether you are someone who goes all in or are one who would rather simply use carefully curated pieces that speak to you, vintage style works in so many different situations and transcends being trendy into the realm of the classic!

Without further, let’s take a little stroll down memory lane to revisit your favorite Designing Wilder posts of the last year!


Y'all have weighed in and without further ado--Here are the top 5 Designing Wilder posts of 2017

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