Celebrating Summer Decor–Beach Cottage Patriotic!

Summer is in full swing and it is one of my very favorite seasons to decorate for! It is the perfect opportunity to combine two elements that make my heart so very happy! This year the cottage on the creek has gone all “Beach Cottage Patriotic” in its summer decor by combining red, white and blue elements with treasures from the shore that speak of warm weather celebrations!


Summer decor goes "Beach Cottage Patriotic" by combining red, white and blue elements with treasures from the shore that speak of warm weather celebrations.

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Bunnies On Parade And One Final Easter Decor DIY

I love Easter! I mean, I REALLY love Easter! I love sunrise services, Easter dresses, Easter baskets, the Easter ham, our annual (though slightly unorthodox) Easter egg hunt, and given my well documented affinity for bunnies, you know I love Easter decor!

With so many transitions underway here at our cottage by the creek (read about it here), the picture below says it all.  This is where I found myself at the beginning of last week! Yep! With Easter just around the corner, there I was with my house halfway put together and a table full of rabbits in every shape and size along with a couple of lambs and some sweet little chicks all waiting to find a home. My dining room table looked like the staging area for “Easter Bunnies on Parade”.


Spring vignettes convert easily into festive Easter decor with a few simple tweaks! Layer in Easter eggs, lily of the valley, and Easter Bunnies on parade!

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The Top 5 DIY Projects Of 2016

Those of you who have been following me for any length of time know that I love a good DIY project! Especially if it involves vintage or flea market components that produce unique results no matter how many times you make the same item! Today I wanted to take a look back at this year’s DIY favorites! So without further ado I present, for your DIYing pleasure, the countdown of the top 5 most popular Designing Wilder DIY projects of 2016.


Designing Wilder--5 most popular DIY projects of 2016!

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Giant Pom Pom DIY Tutorial & Decor

 I love pom pom decorative items for this time of year! While they add fluffy fun to your Christmas decor, they can be left in place after Christmas to brighten your home all the way through the winter season. And if items made from smaller pom poms are so good, then why wouldn’t giant pom poms be GREAT!


Oh, my! Yes they are!!!


Giant pom pom used to adorn Christmas package.

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