Collecting and Displaying Vintage Finds

Collecting pieces that speak to your heart provides the opportunity for your home to be totally unique. Let’s face it though, collections can quickly get out of hand, becoming cumbersome to manage while ultimately overpowering a space.

My major collecting vices are vintage silver and ironstone. I also have a substantial Father Christmas collection. The question becomes how much is enough, and when does one move beyond being a collector and tip over into the realm of hoarder? Here are the tricks I use to keep my collecting in check.


Collections add personality to a home, but can also become overpowering. Here are some basic strategies to use to keep displaying your collecting in check.

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Winter Decor–Simple Steps To Make The Transition

Taking down Christmas decorations can leave the house feeling a bit barren and gloomy. Growing up, we took down the holiday decor and put back standard non seasonal decorative items. But you know me! Glitter and sparkle make me happy! So why not continue to surround yourself with what makes you happy even in the dank days of winter.  In fact, maybe it’s even more important to glitz up your winter decor during these days when you may be trapped inside by snow, ice and cold temperatures!

For this very reason, several years ago I started being a little more analytical about putting out my holiday decorations so that transitioning to winter decor could be done easily and with a minimum of fuss. Let me show you what I mean.

 Taking Christmas down can leave your home gloomy, but with a little advanced planning you can take simple steps to keep winter decor whimsical & bright.

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Reader’s Favorite Home And Garden Posts–2016

Are you ready for new adventures in 2017? I’m right there with you in spirit! However, with the end of the year flu that hit our household last week I’m struggling to feel quite my adventurous self physically speaking. So while I work on disinfecting our domain and making the switch to winter decor, take a few minutes and peruse through the final wrap up of 2016.  Last week I revealed your favorite DIY projects of the past year.  Today I am putting the spotlight on your top 5 overall favorite posts of 2016 for the home and garden!


Wrapping up the overall reader's favorite Designing Wilder posts of 2016 featuring both home and garden ideas, tips and a few flea market shopping tricks!

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