How To Shop For Vintage Like A Pro!

It’s happened to all of us. You are out and about doing a little recreational vintage shopping and spy an object that stops you in mid meander. We’re not talking a fleeting glance or passing fancy here! But, rather,  a subtle gasp accompanied by an immediate flip flop of the heart while your brain simultaneously starts racing with all the reasons that this is the perfect object to satisfy every life issue that you have ever faced! Okay, maybe not every issue, but you know with all your being that it is a VERY special find!

You turn over the price tag and the age old internal debate begins. Is it really worth the asking price? Could you do better? Is it in the budget? Those pesky questions that are the rational side of your brain endeavoring to recapture your attention in order to bring you back to an emotional state that will enable you to make a wise purchasing decision. It is the eternal dilemma for every flea market and vintage aficionado!

My most recent brush with this dilemma happened when I came upon this pretty little girl while wandering through an antique mall a couple of months before Christmas. My heart did that little flip flop, my breath caught a bit and that’s when it happened–I fell just a little in love with her!


Vintage shopping is far from an exact science! Arming yourself with a few basic guidelines will turn you into a seasoned pro at the vintage shopping game!

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Save Money When Doing Your Online Shopping

We interrupt our regular DIY and decorating shenanigans to spill the beans about how you can save money simply by doing your regular shopping! While I don’t consider myself cheap, I do consider myself to be thrifty! Unfortunately, so many of the traditional methods that allow you to spend less involve way too much time consuming research. Let’s face it, with jobs to excel at, families to take care of, dinners to get on the table and a home to keep up, nobody has time to for that! So how’s a girl supposed to save some mullah? Here are two of my personally Designing Wilder tested answers!

Save money by shopping with my favorite money saving apps!

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Collecting and Displaying Vintage Finds

Collecting pieces that speak to your heart provides the opportunity for your home to be totally unique. Let’s face it though, collections can quickly get out of hand, becoming cumbersome to manage while ultimately overpowering a space.

My major collecting vices are vintage silver and ironstone. I also have a substantial Father Christmas collection. The question becomes how much is enough, and when does one move beyond being a collector and tip over into the realm of hoarder? Here are the tricks I use to keep my collecting in check.


Collections add personality to a home, but can also become overpowering. Here are some basic strategies to use to keep displaying your collecting in check.

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