Bunnies On Parade And One Final Easter Decor DIY

I love Easter! I mean, I REALLY love Easter! I love sunrise services, Easter dresses, Easter baskets, the Easter ham, our annual (though slightly unorthodox) Easter egg hunt, and given my well documented affinity for bunnies, you know I love Easter decor!

With so many transitions underway here at our cottage by the creek (read about it here), the picture below says it all.  This is where I found myself at the beginning of last week! Yep! With Easter just around the corner, there I was with my house halfway put together and a table full of rabbits in every shape and size along with a couple of lambs and some sweet little chicks all waiting to find a home. My dining room table looked like the staging area for “Easter Bunnies on Parade”.


Spring vignettes convert easily into festive Easter decor with a few simple tweaks! Layer in Easter eggs, lily of the valley, and Easter Bunnies on parade!

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How To Use Flea Market Favorites To Create Container Garden Magic!

Spring is a time to dream.  Thoughts of balmy breezes and slow meanderings through a lush flower garden full of color means rounding up the gardening gear and plant catalogs to map out a plan to make those dreams come true. Since spring also marks the beginning of prime vintage and flea market shopping ahead with a season chock full of outdoor events, it only follows that any rational person would find a way to include some of these favorite found treasures in their planting plans to create the perfect flea market container garden!


Your favorite vintage finds become magical flea market container garden pieces with a bit of ingenuity and a touch of DIY! The possibilities are endless!

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Spring Decor Essentials

Does spring fever have a grip on anyone else? You know, that itch to go out and start digging in the dirt even though you know full well that the ground is probably still hard as a rock and that there is still lots of time left for the snow to fly!  It makes me want to draw garden blueprints and buy every flower in sight at the grocery store to liven up the last days of winter while I impatiently (insert me tapping my foot) wait for official season for digging in the dirt to arrive!

My case of spring fever is at an all time high this year because we have had waves of unusually warm temperatures here in the heartland. When you are out cleaning up the yard in t-shirts in February, and bulbs that shouldn’t make an appearance for another month are already standing tall, it makes it really hard to remember that is still winter! While it may be way too early to start breaking out the gardening tools, it is the absolute perfect time to peruse your spring decor for gaps that you can start looking to fill in preparation for the calendar to announce the official start of the spring season!


Stockpile these spring decor essentials now to transition your home from winter cocooning into the season of color and re-emerging life.

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