The Top 5 DIY Projects Of 2016

Those of you who have been following me for any length of time know that I love a good DIY project! Especially if it involves vintage or flea market components that produce unique results no matter how many times you make the same item! Today I wanted to take a look back at this year’s DIY favorites! So without further ado I present, for your DIYing pleasure, the countdown of the top 5 most popular Designing Wilder DIY projects of 2016.


Designing Wilder--5 most popular DIY projects of 2016!

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Simple Vintage Christmas Centerpiece

It’s no secret that I am a fan of the unique, eclectic nature of vintage and flea market shopping. These venues are the perfect place to let your decorating imagination run wild! It was in such a situation that my creative juices where first challenged by a sweet vintage lighting globe.  And where did that flight of fancy lead? Why to a Christmas centerpiece, of course!

Vintage light globes combined with ironstone cake stands, greenery and battery powered fairy lights create a perfectly simple, unique Christmas centerpiece!

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Giant Pom Pom DIY Tutorial & Decor

 I love pom pom decorative items for this time of year! While they add fluffy fun to your Christmas decor, they can be left in place after Christmas to brighten your home all the way through the winter season. And if items made from smaller pom poms are so good, then why wouldn’t giant pom poms be GREAT!


Oh, my! Yes they are!!!


Giant pom pom used to adorn Christmas package.

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