Early Fall Decor

When the calendar turns over to September my desire for all things fall starts to ramp up.  Unfortunately, here in Missouri it is not unusual for fall weather to keep us waiting until well into October.  This week our temps are predicted to be on the decline and after waking up to 54 degrees this morning it seems that fall is truly in the air!  And you know what that means!  It is time to celebrate with a little fall decor!

I have never been one to go crazy with decorating for fall.  While some people move furniture regularly in an effort to keep their rooms looking fresh, I am a decor shuffler.  Simply put, I move and trade out items in my decor fairly regularly.  In doing so I typically stick with seasonless items that I can change out on a whim as the spirit moves me.  So for fall decor I usually play it safe with natural elements from my garden used in conjunction with a few neutral pumpkins and gourds that look fresh from early fall, through Halloween with some minor tweaks, and then ultimately carry me through until Thanksgiving.


Keeping early fall decor simple with dried hydrangeas from the garden along with randomly placed faux pumpkins!

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Hall Tree From Flea Market Door

Once upon a time there was a sad, neglected old door sitting on a porch way out in the country.  It longed for a home where it could once again be useful.  Little did this sad vintage door know that not only would  it soon find the home that it longed for, but it would also undergo a total transformation into the perfect petite hall tree.  This, dear friends, is the story of one old door, one estate sale bench and one awkward space in the cottage on the creek and how they came together to create magic.

At least once each summer the ladies from or neighborhood try to have a girl’s day out before the hectic schedule of the school year asserts its demands.  This summer, though, was getting away from us fast!  So a few weeks ago we planned a spur of the moment vintage shopping trip to a neighboring town.

With my flea market shopping list in hand, I emerged from the car in front of one of our more obscure destinations. Suddenly, there seemed to be a voice calling my name from across the parking lot.  Upon following the beckoning sound to the front porch of the shop, I was met by this beautiful vintage door.  For some reason I am fascinated by all sorts of old doors.  Fancy, plain, pristine or chippy, they never cease to capture my attention.


A flea market door combines with estate sale bench to become the perfect hall tree for a small space!

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Flea Market Shopping List–Mine Just Got Longer!

True confession time! I totally screwed up on my recent trip to the flea market!

One would think I would have learned by now!  After all, I have loved flea market style since I was in college.  Probably because I needed inexpensive home decor at that point in my life, but through the years it has transitioned into a statement of my personality. Something that makes my home uniquely me. I’m a big believer in staying true to yourself and designing your surroundings in a way that makes you comfortable and happy despite whether or not it is the current trend.

  One of my hard and fast rules for myself when finding a truly unique item is that, if the budget allows, one should buy an item when you see it!  Let’s face it, many flea market events are only for a limited time and involve out of town vendors so you can’t go back in a couple of days to get something you originally passed on.

Last weekend I broke my own rule! You see, I ran onto a vendor that had all sorts of vintage galvanized pieces that she had cut designs or quotes into using a laser cutter.  She had so many really sweet pieces, but the one that caught my eye as a potential piece for the cottage on the creek was a galvanized tub that had been adorned with a bird sitting on a flowered branch that encircled the top of the container.  I went back and looked at it twice!  And, it was a great price!  I would have to pay the same price, or likely more, for a plain one in the antique shops back home. But, you guessed it, I didn’t buy it.

Flea Market Shopping Sign

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DIY Shabby Distressed Fireplace Update

Today’s fireplace update is brought to you courtesy of my niece.  You see, flea market madness is not isolated to me here in the cottage by the creek.  It is a condition that runs in our family.

If you are a flea market, garage sale or Craig’s list devote’ you are bound to eventually run into an architectural piece that will wiggle its way into your heart and demand to be taken home with you.

For me it was an old rusty gate that stands in our dining room.  For my niece and her husband, it was a salvaged fireplace surround that presented the perfect solution to providing the longed for look of a mantle in the bungalow that they bought as their first home.


A salvaged surround gets a shabby fireplace update that turns it into the perfect architectural show piece in this eclectic boho bungalow.

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